Alation data catalog gets new TrustCheck technology


Vendor unleashes its third self-assessed innovation wave, providing visual cues to data trustworthiness as its being queried, both within the product and inside integrated partner tools. (...)

Source: zdnet.com

Date: 2018-07-11

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Umstrittenes Gesetz: Israel als jüdischer Nationalstaat

Für die einen ist es ein "Schlüsselmoment", für andere der "Tod der Demokratie": In Israel gilt nun ein Gesetz, das das Jüdische betont und das Arabische herabstuft. Die umstrittenste Klausel wurde entschärft....

World Cup final: France's triumph and Croatia's tears

Paris erupts into celebration as Zagreb weeps, after France beats Croatia in the World Cup final....

Amanda Lindhout's kidnapper gets 15-year sentence

Ali Omar Ader was lured to Canada to be tried for his role in journalist Amanda Lindhout's kidnap....

Flight: Will our skies ever be quieter?

Three ways that the aviation industry is working towards quieter skies....