AWS error exposed GoDaddy business secrets


It is believed information belonging to thousands of GoDaddy systems was leaked due to the failure. (...)

Source: zdnet.com

Date: 2018-08-10

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US migrants: Judge orders deportation plane turnaround

He also reportedly said Attorney General Jeff Sessions could be held in contempt of court over the case....

Husband accused of wife murder 'taunted over penis size'

David Clark said his wife would "say horrible things" about him which made him feel "inadequate"....

Ben Kinsella stabbing: London 'still unsafe', says sister

Ben Kinsella's death led to tougher jail sentences but London is no safer as a result, his sister says....

Einfach gelöscht – Warum Musical.ly verschwinden musste

Millionen von Teenagern sangen auf der Smartphone-App Musical.ly die Songs ihrer Stars nach. Trotzdem wurde die App nun kurzerhand eingestellt. Ein Grund sind Pädophilie-Probleme auf der Plattform....