Bob Higgins trial: Coach 'sexually aroused' during massages


Under cross-examination, the former coach denies that he "enjoyed" massaging naked boys (...)

Source: feeds.bbci.co.uk

Date: 2018-07-11

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Bundestag: Schichtdienst bei der SPD

Die SPD will gegen dünn besetzte Sitzreihen in ihrer Fraktion im Bundestag vorgehen. Mit einem Schichtdienst-Modell soll die Präsenz der Abgeordneten erhöht werden - und die Kritik an den leeren Reihen seltener werden....

New robots reduce human error in life science labs

Dueling robots are vying for bench space in biology labs, pioneering a new market for automation tech...

Five things to know about US child migrant separations

At least 2,000 children in the US have been separated from their families since April as they crossed the border....

Billy Elliot 'gay propaganda' row exposes purge in Hungary

A musical about a ballet dancer during the UK miners' strike is the focus of a row in Hungary....