Mark Swinhoe death: Victim was beaten with own prosthetic leg


Mark Swinhoe died from a stab wound after being attacked in Loughborough. (...)

Source: feeds.bbci.co.uk

Date: 2018-07-11

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EU-Kommission erklärt die Rekordstrafe gegen Google

Google muss 4,3 Milliarden Euro Strafe zahlen. Schuld daran ist das Betriebssystem Android. Darauf sind mehrere Google-Apps vorinstalliert. Das verstoße gegen das EU-Wettbewerbsrecht. Die Erklärung der EU-Kommission hier im Livestream - auf Englisch....

How are disabled fans finding accessibility in Russia?

An England fan with limited mobility tests out Russia's provision for fans with disabilities....

Michael Jackson musical coming to Broadway in 2020

The musical, based on his life, was announced by his estate and the Columbia Live Stage company....

Thames speedboat death: Accused absent from trial

Charlotte Brown died in December 2015 when Jack Shepherd took her on a date on his speedboat....