Microsoft to add two new USB adapters to its Surface line-up starting August 2


More adapters for Microsoft's Surface -- one for Ethernet and USB-A and another for USB-C to USB-A -- are coming as of August 2. (...)

Source: zdnet.com

Date: 2018-07-11

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Redoine Faid and other unbelievable prison escapes

Sunday's helicopter escape from a French prison is just the latest in a line of extraordinary break-outs....

Amesbury Novichok searches see 400 items seized

Police earlier took away four vehicles in the investigation over the poisoning of the couple....

Gatley death: Man, 84, charged with woman's murder

Police received a report a woman had died at a property in Greater Manchester at about 09:40 BST on Sunday....

So funktioniert das Geschäft mit den Polen in England

Sie haben daheim keine Perspektive, lassen sich mit hohlen Versprechen auf die Insel locken: So geraten junge Polen in die Fänge skrupelloser Menschenfänger. Was ihre Opfer zu erzählen bereit sind, ist schockierend....