NYC Mayor de Blasio denies illegally crossing US-Mexico border


Border Patrol reportedly accused the mayor of illegally crossing the border near El Paso, Texas. (...)

Source: feeds.bbci.co.uk

Date: 2018-07-11

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Dead bodies exhibition: Doctors call for coroner inquest

The organiser of the Birmingham display of more than 20 dead Chinese men calls concerns "fake news"....

Microsoft readies OneDrive for Business feature to aid in migrating local data off Windows PCs

Microsoft expects to roll out to all OneDrive for Business users on Windows 7, 8 and 10 by the end of July a new content-migration feature, Known File Migration....

Erdogan hebt nächste Woche Ausnahmezustand auf

In der Türkei soll nächste Woche der Ausnahmezustand aufgehoben werden. Präsident Erdogan hatte den Notstand nach dem Putschversuch im Juli 2016 verhängt....

World Cup 2018: Sweden coach Janne Andersson calls Germany behaviour 'scornful'

Sweden coach Janne Andersson says he would be "dead inside" if he did not react to Germany's celebrations after Saturday's dramatic World Cup game....