PayPal, Square vulnerabilities impact mobile point-of-sale machines


Researchers have disclosed the existence of point-of-sale bugs which impact mobile payment services worldwide. (...)

Source: zdnet.com

Date: 2018-08-10

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Crazy golf 'Peeping Kong' statue unnerves Devon residents

A local said Gary the gorilla was staring into her bedroom, so his owner had to act....

Larry Ellison delivers Oracle's next autonomous database tool, more AWS trash talk

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison unveils autonomous transaction processing, while expressing skepticism Amazon can move to its own database services....

London Bridge terror attack heroes on Civilian Gallantry List

Eight people who helped others during the terror attack are among 20 honoured by the Queen for gallantry....

Publishers warn of Brexit threat to record exports

The UK's publishing industry says leaving the EU could damage its record-breaking export business....