Trump urges Nato members to double military funding target


The US leader says allies should each aim to spend 4% of annual output (GDP) on their armed forces. (...)

Source: feeds.bbci.co.uk

Date: 2018-07-11

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ZTE inches closer to resuming business in US

Once the Chinese tech giant pays a $400m deposit it can start buying US-made parts for its phones again....

City of London 'Cheesegrater 2' skyscraper approved

Objectors said the new building would be "chipping away" at London's heritage views....

AfD-Bundesparteitag: Fehlende Konzepte

Die AfD brauche das Thema Flüchtlinge, um von ihren fehlenden Konzepten abzulenken, meint Karin Dohr. Beispiel Rente: Der Partei fehle ein Plan - auch weil sich Wirtschaftsliberale und der nationale Flügel noch immer nicht einig seien....

Men admit 'knife to baby's throat' robbery in Coventry

Joshua Juggan and Malik Ragnatt pleaded guilty to taking cash and jewellery from a Coventry house....